Onsiter makes it easy to access the external workforce

Powerful Search Engine: Search, filter and contact independent consultants and contractor firms across Denmark and the EU

Preferred Vendors: Manage all your new and existing vendors in one unified interface

Reports & Data: Build reports and manage statistics on your external workforce spendings

Configurable: Work together with full feature and user access. Disable features you don’t need and restrict access to users in your organization

And much more: Assignment overview, timesheets, automatic price negotiation, interview templates, on- and offboarding templates, and digital contracts

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Used by organizations of all sizes

Powerful Vendor Search Engine

Our unique “Vendor Universe” lets you explore and contact all contractor companies within IT and Management in Denmark and the EU.

Features and pricing

Take a look at our pricing for you as a contractor buyer. Onsiter is always completely free for your vendors. Most features are optional, and you can enable and disable features depending on your needs.

Feature Pricing Optional
Create and share assignments Pricing: Free Optional: Yes
Search and contact contractors Pricing: Free Optional: Yes
Search and contact consulting firms Pricing: Free Optional: Yes
Create and manage your preferred vendors Pricing: Free Optional: Yes
Custom reports and statistics Pricing: Free Optional: Yes
Digital contract management Pricing: Free Optional: Yes
Timesheet management Pricing: Free Optional: Yes
Hire contractors and vendors Pricing: Free Optional: Yes
Hire contractors via the vendor search engine Pricing: Free Optional: Yes
Hire contractors found via the marketplace Pricing: 5% of contractor rate Optional: Yes
Hire a preferred contractors or vendors Pricing: Free Optional: Yes
Create and manage multiple users Pricing: Free Optional: Yes
Define custom user roles Pricing: Free Optional: Yes
Automatic price negotiation Pricing: Free Optional: Yes
On- and offboarding templates Pricing: Free Optional: Yes
Interview templates Pricing: Free Optional: Yes
Vendor performance benchmarking Pricing: Free Optional: Yes

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  • How are you able to offer these services more or less for free?

    We have made a strategic decision to invest in building powerful software for organizations that are using the external workforce. Our business model is based on the fact that organizations use our platform, and by that, we also become a vendor if we can supply you with the best matching consultant for a given request. When you send a consultant request, we can bid consultants through our sister company Right People Group in equal competition with all other vendors on the market. However, you are never required to select a contractor from us and recruiters from Right People Group have no insight into other vendors' offers.

  • Who is using Onsiter?

    Organizations of all sizes make use of Onsiter; There are small companies that only use Onsiter to discover new vendors, and assignment managers that just need help with small tasks from time to time. In addition, Onsiter is used by large organizations with multiple users that require a structured way to manage their procurement of contractors. It is free to sign up and use Onsiter, so even if you are unsure, there are no costs to give it a try.

  • What is the difference between the marketplace and the vendor universe?

    The key difference is that you can search the full CV of an individual consultant on the marketplace and get in direct contact with the specific expertise you need. Currently, more than 6.000 contractors in the Nordics have signed up to the marketplace.
    The vendor universe is a custom search engine where we have indexed the full websites of consulting firms across the European Union. It allows you to easily find consulting firms specializing in a specific skill without getting irrelevant results that might happen in a general search engine like Google.

  • Do you offer any support?

    Of course, our specialists are available to help with technical and implementation support to ensure the best possible experience. If you need help to get started, a team member from Onsiter will help you set up your organization's dashboard, show you all features and answer any questions you may have.

  • Do you also offer managed recruitment services?

    We have more than 12 years of experience in business and technology recruitment. Our team of dedicated recruitment specialists can help you with virtually any need you may have. Give us a call at +45 26 13 03 16 to learn more.

  • What do you mean by preferred vendors?

    If you have vendors that you work with today or prefer to work with, the platform allows you to add these vendors as your preferred vendors. In that way, you can easily send your assignment requests to your preferred vendors.
    If you don’t have any vendors or need to find new ones, you can simply use our search engine and select all vendors you would like to add to your preferred vendor list. The platform also allows you to easily import vendors that your organization works with today.

Didn’t find your answer? We are happy to answer any questions you may have, write us an email denmark@onsiter.com or call us at +45 26 13 03 16.